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Thursday, 20 August 2009 07:49

Ananda Marga communities are based on a lifestyle of meditation and yoga spiritual practices, and services projects for surrounding communities. These communities are often called “cakra nemi”, which means in Sanskrit ‘the hub of the wheel spokes’, and “master units” which refers to the importance of new models and examples for society.

These projects are outside of the cities, more connected with nature and agriculture.        

The core of these communities often consists of volunteers who are dedicated to research and education of several key fields for social advancement, such as;  

Education  The school specializes in a curriculum of new humanism, which is a spiritual ecology based on the circle of creation,  but also offers courses in many subjects (meditation and yoga practices and psychology, cooperatives, health, sustainable farming and housing).

Health Care  The medical clinic should offer the option of different systems for cures and preventative healthy lifestyles (Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, allopathic, herbal, acupuncture, yoga asanas, diet, massage, fasting).

Agriculture  Experimentation with different farming methods and crops takes place on a demonstration farm. After a thorough analysis and survey of the existing climate, culture, soils, and water, research is conducted with food, fiber, and medicinal crops, and animals.

Housing  Research is conducted analyzing indigenous building materials, climate, natural occurring energy systems and their conversions (wind, solar, etc.).  Model structures can be built and duplicated for the surrounding society.

Cooperatives Working together with a sense of collective welfare will help form healthy cooperatives to run the various projects, first within the AM community and then encouraging by example the surrounding communities. These cooperatively run enterprises with shared interests and responsibilities, will attempt to be inclusive participation, and not just limited to monetary investment. These can include energy and utility coops, agricultural coops, housing coops, cottage industry coops, etc.

The Ananda Marga community will always be progressing towards being an example of cooperative living, whereby any model or demonstration project will be the result of collective input and surveys of all the needs and existing solutions. The collective process (in research, development, economics, and management) is as important as the resultant project.

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